Monday, March 17, 2008

"Northern Drive" by Clare Cooper (Country Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

"Northern Drive" by Clare Cooper is driving Country Rock that features a Pop element. The songs are complete and well arranged with lots of layers. Clare has an impressive classic country voice and the album features some great harmonies. Overall, the musicianship and production on the CD are very professional. The concept is fun and happy. You'll also hear some great changes and an overall uniqueness. The album opens with "Colorado" and features fun lyrics and a big sound with some beautiful harmonies. "Cosmo and Manhattan" tells a story and throws a bit of an Adult Contemporary vibe at you. "Hole in the Wall" has a sinister vibe to it, cool horns and another fun story. If you want to check out a fun, cross-genre CD, with elements of country, adult contemporary, and rock give this CD a listen.
-xavier p.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Angel" by Andrei Solodenko (Easy Listening Artist from New York(NY))

"Angel" by Andrei Solodenko is a journey through his poetic mind in the form of classic instruments joined with Adult Contemporary sounds. It is a virtual sound scape with beautiful melodies and strong piano progressions. Andrei's piano and synthesizer work on the CD are very impressive. The CD is great for relaxation, meditation or just soft listening. Highlights include "River of Love," which is filled with a lot of charisma and excellent sounding flute. "One Way Ticket" has a driving beat, nice fills and is power mixed with intrigue. "Rain in New York" features some soothing Trumpet work and effectively accomplishes the feel of '70's New York. If you like Mood Music and Adult Contemporary, you will surely like this album.
-William and the Reviewer Team

Sunday, March 2, 2008

“It'z 'bout Time” by Rhoda Nkojo (R&B/Soul Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

"It'z 'bout Time" by Rhoda Nkojo is an excellent collection of R&B/pop songs. The tight band and excellent recording quality provide an effective backdrop for Rhoda's impressive vocal performances. Many tracks on this CD have a catchy upbeat groove that will have your body moving. "The Sweetest Taboo" is a memorable upbeat R&B tune with a catchy chorus and tight harmonies. Rhoda shows a more emotional side on "Brother," where her tender vocal performance and rich harmonies are nicely set above a beautiful acoustic guitar performance. The vocal talents of this lawyer shine through on this CD. If you're a fan of R&B or pop, we recommend that you give this a listen.
-The RadioIndy Reviewer Team

Saturday, March 1, 2008

"ALM" by ALM (Pop artist from New York City, New York (NY))

"ALM" from Alejandro Lopez Maciel is an eclectic mixture of Latin-meets-pop. These songs are delightful in their content as well as the presentation, which broadens the senses and masterfully, yet playfully, delivers a bundle of excitement. For instance, "I Get My Laundry Done", delivers a delightful and creative play on the household task of laundry! "ALM" is a complete and total joy to review, as this music is hip-techno fuel for your entire day. "A Little Beat Closer" includes fabulous techno production. Moreover, this CD builds in intensity, as it reaches a pinnacle of brilliance in our pick, "You're Not Alone", where the vocalist paints a spectacular picture of hope as his vocals soar to amazing heights. An incredible bonus is "Happy Birthday 2u", which must be heard to be enjoyed - a brilliant new birthday anthem!
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"Blue Circle" by Dave Foster (Pop artist from New York City, New York (NY))

Getting inside the music of "Blue Circle" by Dave Foster is likened to a journey to the center of the Earth, radically different yet refreshingly welcoming, as a traveler to a foreign land comes across a landmark that has beckoned for years. This songwriter reminded us of greats like John Lennon and even Dave Matthews; thought-provoking and versatile lyrically, along with a masterful use of modern beats, funky throw-backs, and synthesized vocals. We especially enjoyed "Falling To Pieces", which combines all of the aforementioned elements of genius songwriting, production, and performance. Way far out front vocals and bitter raw emotion drive us to pick our favorite, "All You Gave To Me", for it's contemporary bass-line and hip lyrical makeup.
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